The probability of winning the UK lottery jackpot

The jackpot in the national lottery can be won when the figures in your ticket corresponds to the all six winning figures. The occurrence can be calculated as follows:
Forty nine balls can be drawn for the initial winning figure. Each ball has the same probability of being chosen. When you select one ball at the beginning of the play, 48 balls remain. The ball selected should match any of the six numbers you chose for your lottery ticket. In this case the order of the six numbers is not considered. The probability of the first drawn ball being the same to one of the figures on your ticket is 49/6

For the second game, there are 48 balls and five numbers remaining. You will draw one ball from the 48 balls. 47 balls remain. The ball drawn must match any of the five numbers remaining on your ticket. The probability for the second win is 48/5. For the third game, 47 balls are available to draw from while four balls for selection. After drawing the ball, 46 six remain and three numbers remain on your ticket after matching. The probability of winning is 47/4. The formula continues until the sixth number is matched. The probability of winning the sixth, fifth and forth game is 44/1, 45/2 and 46/3 respectively.

The odds of winning the UK lottery jackpot can be found by multiplying all the individual probability of each game together. This can be done us follows
44/1×45/2×46/3×47/4×48/5×49/6 giving us thirteen million, nine hundred and eighty three thousand, eight hundred and sixteen. This figure can be rounded off to 14 million.

The chances of winning a particular prize
In this case, you are not required to win the jackpot for you to receive the prize. You are required to match at least three numbers for you to be a winner. There are five odd of becoming a winner of a particular prize in the national lottery of UK. They include: three numbers, four numbers, five numbers, five numbers plus bonus ball, and six numbers.

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