Australian pokies – latest changes in legislation

Lately, there have been talks about the probability of the Australian government to make changes to the Interactive Gambling Act – the great set of laws that presently governs how Australia deals with online gambling. While the changes sound exhilarating and could have a huge influence on how Australians gamble online at, some of the changes might seem vague or confusing to some players.

Gambling laws are intricate and the need for change is obviously constant, as legislators tussle to keep up with the newly developing technologies. To make it simple, here is an overview of the latest changes in legislation that apply in 2017.

The Situation Now

First, let’s analyze online gambling’s stances today in Australia. Reviewing the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA), it is strictly impossible for Australian firms to offer poker games or real money casino to Australian citizens.

The majority of online sports betting are permissible, however. In addition, the IGA doesn’t make it unlawful for Australians to go into online gambling with foreign operators, so Australians are freely allowed to play poker or casino games at several hosted sites such as All Jackpots casino – Read review here.

Current laws regarding electronic poker machines

Each Australian territory and state have its individual laws concerning the pokies, as well as factors relating to the quantity of machines a venue can deal, the betting limits required and the amount of money a machine needs to pay back.

Proposed changes to the IGA 2017

IGA laws are presently on shaky ground with respect to the proposed modification to the IGA that was submitted to the Australian government subsequent to the Review of Offshore Wagering.

The review recommends the execution of a National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF) to be met by every licensed online wagering service providers while recommending the prohibition of illegal offshore operators.

The projected NCPF includes the introduction of the 11 harm minimization measures, plus a national self-exclusion register for online wagering, prescription of lines of credit provided by online wagering providers and an intentional opt-out pre-commitment scheme for the online wagering.

Passing the IGA Amendment Bill will mean huge changes for the regulation of online gambling in Australia, as well as “introduction of extra enforcement procedures and making it illegal for wagering operators to offer online wagering services to persons in Australia when they don’t have an Australian wagering license. Well, what does this really means for the future of online pokies laws in Australia? This, we will know in times to come.

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