Lotto: increase your winning chances

Everyone desires to earn money without facing any hardship. Lotto seems the easiest way to make money but on the contrary, it is very difficult to match even a single number in your ticket. Lottery is actually an investment where everyone waits eagerly for the time to come. For most of the people, that time never comes. So what does it take to win big in lotto? And how can you increase your changes of winning the lotto? Is it plain luck or is there a way out to make you win the mega lotto?

Purchase more tickets

The simple rule of probability works here. The more tickets you buy, the more is the chance of your winning the lotto. The change in the chance is very minor but it is at least something positive. And you never know, one of the extra tickets that you buy turns out to be your lucky one!

Play less but buy more

Yes. Do not spend money on every lotto event. Make sure you hold yourself for a couple of them and then buy a larger number of tickets for the lotto in which you are participating. This won’t affect your lifetime probability but it will definitely increase your probability for that particular lotto

Form a lotto pool at your school, college, workplace, church etc.

Form a team and then buy tickets for the lotto. This will definitely decrease your prize amount but it will at least increase your chances of winning something. And as is said, something is indeed better than nothing.

Use your winning for buying lotto tickets again

The theory goes like this that if you bought a lotto ticket for one dollar and you won 10 dollars, you buy another lotto ticket for 11 dollars. In any case, if you lose you will only lose a dollar. This strategy can help anyone increase their chances at lotto since the relative loss is lesser.

In the end, when you think of it, Lotto is largely about being lucky on the day. But with a few smart moves, Lotto can actually be won. One just needs to keep going the belief.

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